Chinese Plum Sauce

Fragrant with star anise a delicious plum sauce to use up a glut of plums at Rosie's Preserving School UK
The best bit of a Chinese style meal for me? Shredded duck in those little pancakes with what we called fried seaweed when I was a youngster. I would spread the little pancake with a deliciously fragrant plum sauce - not your average ketchup - pile on as much duck that I could, hoping that I had more than my brother, and sprinkle with the 'seaweed' ( actually deep fried kale or greens I think). Roll them up and dip in some more sauce. Ambrosia.

Having a Chinese meal - whether in a restaurant or as a takeaway was quite the event way back then and it was all delicious. Such a contrast to the good, plain home cooking that we enjoyed everyday.

I discovered this recipe in a book somewhere years ago when I lived in a house with three plum trees in the garden. It wasn't a big house, certainly not big enough to warrant three plum trees. You may know how it is with plum trees - just about every three years there is a tremendous harvest - and then nothing for the next two. This was year three. Desperate to use up the glut I had a go at this recipe and was delighted to find it tasted just like the plum sauce that comes with the little pancakes.

It is easy to make so if it is your tree's 'year three' or you find a good source of plums locally give it a go. You can always fry some seaweed to go with it!

Our Workshops are friendly, no experience of cooking or preserving is necessary and we try to use everyday, familiar equipment. You can cook along with the Live Workshop or use the recording which will be place in The Library of the School soon after the Workshop finishes

So, take advantage of the block booking discounts to access all of the Season's Workshops with the security of knowing you won't miss anything.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our preserving family

Rosie x

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I've thoroughly enjoyed your workshops over the last year and have learnt so much about preserving - there's a whole world out there, not just jams! Your warm and friendly approach is greatly appreciated, and you answer all our questions with endless patience. Thanks for giving me the confidence to experiment - as you say, what could go wrong?!

- Tracey, Suffolk