Rosie's Preserving School

Rosie's Preserving School will support you on your journey of learning to create preserved food. Come take part in our pressure canning workshops today
Welcome! If you have been wanting to learn more about making your own preserves look no further. My Preserving School Workshops will take you through step-by-step, season - by - season cooking along with me via Zoom. With Rosie's Preserving School you will be entirely within your comfort zone - your own home - able to ask questions and join in with our friendly community. In our workshops everyone will be like you, all learning together as we explore the exciting world of preserving. I can confidently say - prepare to be amazed.

Rosie's Workshops

Each workshop will be for 90 minutes, and we will provide to you before hand
  • the recipe
  • ingredients list
  • equipment advice
  • any pre preparation required

What Can You Learn From Our Preserving Workshops?

We believe that everyone is welcome in the preserving and pressure canning community. However, it is important to learn the correct way of doing things to make sure that all of your home made preserves are of the highest quality every time. There is obviously a safety factor involved as well, with certain methods which you see online that work around the rules presenting a risk of badly preserved food. The proper methods have been set out over many generations and there is plenty of exciting things to learn, as well as delicious preserves to try as you begin your food preservation journey.

The most important way to learn is to simply get involved! No previous experience is required, no chefy techniques expected. A full recording of the workshop will also be available to participants.

So, join up, join in and become part of the Rosie's Preserving School community today. To join our upcoming live workshops or pressure canning workshops click the links below.