Rosie Lets Off Steam - Hardback Book



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I have had my pressure canner for about 15 years and during that time I have searched for a book that would help me manage my canning so that I could fit it into my very busy life.

I couldn't find one - so I wrote one. I guessed there must be other people like me - I hope I am right!

I didn't want to have lots of different recipes in lots of jars - I wanted the Basics that I could flip open and make whatever we felt like eating that day. I have condensed it down and given the Basic Mix and then a lot of suggestions of what they could be used for. This assumes that you know how to make your favourites so you won't find recipes for Cottage Pie or a Beef Casserole - but lots and lots of ideas and quick tips to transform what you have on the shelf. There are also a few full recipes that I particularly like which you might not have tried before.

There is advice on meal planning, building an efficient store cupboard of back up ingredients and even on doing the shopping.

So, using just the instruction booklet supplied with your particular canner you can use my ideas to save time, save money, eat better - and still have a life!

180x260mm Hardback Book
130 Pages

Also available in Paperback edition