Square Jam Jars

If you're looking for something different from the traditional round and hexagonal jam jars but still keeping an eye on your budget then why not look at our square range of jam jars. They are particularly suited to chilli products and mustards - especially with a black lid. The square jars are available in a range of popular sizes which is a good look for your product range
Jam Jars Square Glass 130ml

£0.34 each
Pack 120
Jam Jars Square Glass 200ml

£0.36 each
Pack 105
Jam Jars Square Glass 282ml

£0.41 each
Pack 72
Jam Jars Square Glass 282ml

£0.42 each
Pack 24
Jam Jars Quadro Glass 440ml

£0.47 each
Pack 48
Square Jam Jars
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