Introduction to Pressure Canning

online workshop introducing pressure canning for food preservation at Rosie's Preserving School UK
Pressure Canning is a relatively new preserving technique to the UK, it is fast becoming a really popular solution to the long term storage of all types of food at ambient temperature. Once preserved they do not need to be chilled or frozen so it is very economic solution. We will discuss the principles, the pros and cons, and take a look at the equipment.

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Introduction to Pressure Canning  

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Presto Pressure Canner
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Presto Induction Pressure Canner
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I've thoroughly enjoyed your workshops over the last year and have learnt so much about preserving - there's a whole world out there, not just jams! Your warm and friendly approach is greatly appreciated, and you answer all our questions with endless patience. Thanks for giving me the confidence to experiment - as you say, what could go wrong?!

- Tracey, Suffolk