Rosie's Orange & Lemon Collection

Rosie's Orange & Lemon Collection
Love jam jars | A Raffia



Love jam jars | B Orange Ribbon


Orange Ribbon

Love jam jars | C Jar Wrap


Jar Wrap

Love jam jars | D Gift Tag 70mm


Gift Tag 70mm

Love jam jars | E Jar Wrap


Jar Wrap

Love jam jars | F Lid Label


Lid Label

Love jam jars | G Lid Topper


Lid Topper

Love jam jars | H Luggage Tag


Luggage Tag

Love jam jars | - Jar Labels


Jar Labels

Love jam jars | - Oranges and Lemons Dressing Up Box


Oranges and Lemons Dressing Up Box

Rosie's Pantry Oranges & Lemons is a more traditional design but brought bang up to date with our unique accessories. This beautifully fresh design is complemented by toning ribbon, raffia, even buttons shaped like tiny oranges.

You can easily copy the designs we have shown here - or create your own. Every jar will be a unique work of art.

Some of the elements from the other ranges can be used here as well - wooden buttons, raffias, tags and accessories - have some fun.