Tom Press Electric Steriliser 27 litre



Amazing customer service, swift delivery and really happy with the boxes. Thank You!
Bex W
Another great piece of kit - indispensible if you are bottling lots of produce. Capacity is 14 x 1 litre jars stacked in layers and this model has a timer, temperature control and a tap.

It can also be used to sterilise bulk juices and cordials before bottling straight into the bottles (via the tap) You can even use it as an urn or for soup and mulled wine!

The tap is useful for emptying out the water when you have finished waterbathing and we really love its cheery red enamel casing.

Manufactured in Germany this is a piece of kit which is a once in a lifetime buy.

This is not a pressure canner but will seal bottles and jars at UK air pressure.

This is produced in France and we include an English Instruction Manual and fit a UK 3 pin mains plug adaptor.



27 Litres


Power Rating
1800 Watts
240 Volts


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