Jelly Bag Stand - Wooden



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Made with a sturdy wooden frame, this jelly bag stand is a simple design that just works.

Unlike its plastic or metal competitors, it won't bend under the weight of the fruit, it won't rust, and is easily folded flat for storage.

Made from sustainably sourced pine FSC rated from well managed forests, it will last for many, many years helping you to produce delicious jellies and cordials time after time. Supplied in kit form with instructions. Requires small pozidrive screwdriver to complete the assembly of 4 screws.

Jelly bag included.

Hand made in the UK by Kevin Alviti.

About Kevin: ''I live what can only be described as a varied life. My main job is as a stay-at-home Dad and my life revolves around the school run and our three children, but I'm also a carpenter of nearly 20 years making commissions and selling items on Etsy; I do talks for garden clubs; write articles on farm machinery and try to grow as much food as possible to feed our growing family from our little smallholding.

Self-sufficiency has always been my main ambition in life, some would call it an obsession.

I sit round the table with my own children preserving food to eat later in the year. I like that they'll grow up thinking its part of the normal rhythm of life, much like I did, and things seem to have come full cycle.

I like that preserving is just that, so much more than jams and chutneys (although they're not to be underrated by any stretch). Here we dry different fruit and veg for snacks and to cook with, ferment vegetables to eat and plenty of fermenting to drink, can or bottle lots of our summer harvest, make pickles to last us all year, freeze our harvest of home raised meat animals, salt spare lemons, dehydrate soup, the list goes on!

Preserving really is the background rhythm of our smallholding and as it steadily beats away I enjoy what each season brings, as well as knowing that I can preserve some of it to enjoy in a later season!''

Kev Alviti lives at the foot of the Malvern Hills with his wife and three kids (and forty chickens) and can be found either in the kitchen, garden or workshop. As well as talks for garden clubs he makes handmade wooden items for the garden, along with other commissions and general carpentry.


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