Redcurrant Jelly

online workshop to make redcurrant jelly, old fashioned maybe but so useful at Rosie's Preserving School UK
Redcurrant Jelly - what a versatile preserve to have at your fingertips - and so easy

Easy that is, if you can keep your currant bushes bird proof! I remember once sitting in a chair but the open garden doors. I was recovering from surgery and unable, at that point to do anything for myself. Trevor was busy running the jar business and friends were popping in to make me a drink or a sandwich now and again. I had to sit and watch as my redcurrant bushes trembled. They shook from top to bottom

The blackbirds were sat inside the bushes pulling the strings of ripe currants towards them and stripping off the fruit. They didn't stop until EVERY BERRY HAD GONE - and there was nothing I could do. In a way I admired their ingenuity and efficiency. No pesky flying back and forth for them, truly an inside job. I couldn't have made jellies at that point anyway . . . .

Learn how to make jellies well and the preserving world opens up a whole new avenue of possibilities. The method is the same whether herb jelly, ginger, chilli or different fruits

Our Workshops are friendly, no experience of cooking or preserving is necessary and we try to use everyday, familiar equipment. You can cook along with the Live Workshop or use the recording which will be place in The Library of the School soon after the Workshop finishes

So, take advantage of the block booking discounts to access all of the Season's Workshops with the security of knowing you won't miss anything.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our preserving family

Rosie x

Duration: 66 minutes

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Redcurrant Jelly  

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I've thoroughly enjoyed your workshops over the last year and have learnt so much about preserving - there's a whole world out there, not just jams! Your warm and friendly approach is greatly appreciated, and you answer all our questions with endless patience. Thanks for giving me the confidence to experiment - as you say, what could go wrong?!

- Tracey, Suffolk