Rosie's Red Hearts Collection

Rosie's Red Hearts Collection
Love jam jars | A Red Raffia


Red Raffia

Love jam jars | B Wooden Peg


Wooden Peg

Love jam jars | C Jar Label


Jar Label

Love jam jars | D Heart Button


Heart Button

Love jam jars | E Jar Wrap


Jar Wrap

Love jam jars | F Wooden Button


Wooden Button

Love jam jars | G Jar Wrap


Jar Wrap

Love jam jars | - Lid Label


Lid Label

Love jam jars | - Lid Topper


Lid Topper

Love jam jars | - Red Hearts Drinking Straws


Red Hearts Drinking Straws

Now, although our signature style here at Lovejars is, well, hearts, that doesn't mean that we only operate at Valentine's. Hearts are a forever image and red goes particularly well with preserves of all kinds.

Rosie has gathered together a whole collection of red jar elements to complement the other Jarcessories. There are wraps, ribbons, labels and toppers, buttons and raffias. Use them in layers, in twists or on their own. Pick from the other ranges, the Naturals for instance, and mix and match.

The World is your oyster when it comes to design - although we don't have any seaside designs yet but give us time!