Le Parfait Terrine Screw Top Jar - 500ml

£1.90 each
Pack 28

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This is a fantastic jar for bottling or pressure canning. It is perfectly safe to use for all preserving purposes and will keep the contents in first rate condition. This type of jar is known by the generic 'Kilner Jar' but this French made jar has over one third more glass than its closest equivalent. A very good quality family sized jar.
Ref: LPTERR-500


Metal Seal


Diameter (base)
90 mm
Diameter (top)
95 mm
90 mm

Dimensions are nominal and may be subject change by the manufacturers without notice. Please enquire if you have a specific requirement.

Rosie Says
Suitable for pressure canning and bottling - I use them myself

We have just had this lovely comment from Deidre

"I used to bottle so much! Have been given a good quantity of delicious plums and decided to try bottling again. I love your website and will follow your bottling instructions! Many thanks. Deirdre"


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