Glass Jars & Bottles

Glass Jars & Bottles from Love Jars
Love Jars Glass Jam Jars

Glass Jam Jars

A wide range of glass jars for jam and preserve making. Supplied in small quantities for the home producer or wholesale supply for Artisan Production.

Love Jars Preserving & Canning Jars

Preserving & Canning Jars

Robust and durable clip top and screw top jars for preserving produce with water bathing or pressure canning.

Traditional French Le Parfait Jars and the classic American Ball Mason Jars.

Love Jars Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles

Glass food and drink bottles for sauces, relishes and drinks.

Love Jars Cosmetic, Health, Beauty & Home Jars

Cosmetic, Health, Beauty & Home Jars

Glass Ointment Jars
Candle Making Jars
Metal Cosmetic Containers
Glass Powder Bottles

Love Jars Jam Jar Lids

Jam Jar Lids

Twist off Jam Jar Lids.

Love Jars Bottles Closures

Bottles Closures

Bottle Caps and Closures