Rosie's Jam Making Classes

A wide range of hands-on courses with Rosie that will give you the know how on making jams, preserves, chutney.

Rosie's classes at The Old Smithy in Rutland, are friendly, small and designed for the beginner and inexperienced. Every stage of the relevant preserving process will be explained as you work through the day, making the products. Everything that you make you will take home to share with friends and family. The course content is described under each heading, and there is no need to bring anything to the day as all equipment and ingredients will be provided.

Rosie explains:- "The class will start around 10am and will finish at 4-4.30pm - approximately! Please make us aware of any time constraints - we usually just carry on until we have finished as we don't like people to feel rushed, but we do take into account the weather, dark evenings etc etc.
A delicious lunch of locally sourced produce will be provided together with other refreshments - please make us aware - before the day - of any special dietary requirements

The classes are small at The Old Smithy and there is plenty of time to ask questions, to have discussions with fellow class members and to just, well, chat! We know that you will leave us at the end of the day feeling refreshed and enthused - carrying many jars of delicious treats to enjoy at home. You will have made new friends and hopefully have plenty to think about. "

Preserving Class: Autumn Apples

Plentiful apples in Autumn - we’ll make a delicious spiced apple chutney all ready for Christmas! We’ll finish off the afternoon with making apple curd, easy and just plain gorgeous plus some seasonal mincemeat.


Preserving Class: Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming! Learn how to make a delicious luxury mincemeat all ready for the pies plus we’ll also be making a crunchy, old-fashioned Piccalilli - also a great favourite at the festive season!


Preserving Class: Marvellous Marmalade

The first of our traditional marmalade making courses, all of the techniques and some shortcuts. We shall also be making some Seville Orange Curd - Mmm mmmmm!


Preserving Class: Lemony Lemons

Lovely lovely lemons - we'll be making a delicious Lemon Cordial, Lemon Curd and Lemon Dill Mustard! Hope you like lemons . . .


Preserving Class: Some Like It Hot!

A course of the hot stuff! Fiery Bengal Chutney, Hot Mango Chutney, Chilli Pepper Seasoning and Chilli Sherry!


Preserving Class: First Fruits of Spring

Spring is here heralding the first fresh fruits so we shall use them for rhubarb and date chutney and rhubarb and raspberry jam


Preserving Class: Spring into Summer

All of the Summer fruits are around now and we will be making apricot jam, herb jellies and elderflower cordial


Preserving Class: Don't Get in a Pickle

August brings the glut from the vegetable plot so we will be making piccalilli, ratatouille chutney and flavoured vinegars


Preserving Class: Rosie's Summer Favourites

Plenty of Summer fruits around now - we'll make raspberry jam, blackcurrant beena and courgette and mint chutney. Very fresh, very summery


Preserving Class: Summer Superstars

Let's make the most of the Summer bounty - we'll be making raspberry jam, beetroot chutney and redcurrant jelly


Professional Training Day

From time to time The Guild of Jam and Preserve Makers (Rosie & Trevor) run training days for those people who are looking for information and support to enable them to go forward with their preserves business.

We meet around 10 a.m. For coffe and biscuits and a short 'getting to know you' session.

Then the day is split into two parts - in the morning the points of legislation that are pertinent to preserve making are explained. Food safety, cleaning of premises - that type of thing.

We break to share a lunch of local produce and lots of chat!

In the afternoon there is a presentation about the dos and don'ts of labelling, measurements and all the detail that perhaps you haven't thought of.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions throughout the day, and you will find that most of you have common concerns. Above all, the day is informal and responds to the areas that you want information on.

The day will end around 4 p.m.

The Old Smithy is really tiny so we can only take a maximum of 8 on these days so if it floats your boat get in touch soon. Once we have enough people the date will close and the booking details will be forwarded for your information.

You do not need to bring anything with you and a manual to support the course will be provided for you to keep.

This is what a satisfield customer had to say:-

"Dear Rosie

I just wanted to thank you and Trevor for a very informative day on Saturday. I came away slightly daunted, but nevertheless very well informed with what I need to do in order to take my preserves further. It was also good to meet other preservers.

Thank you also for the very nice lunch and to Trevor for the great demonstration of the label designer. I am currently working on my logo and labels and will then register on the system.

Many thanks once again.

Kind regards

Liz "


Love to Share