Rosie's Summer Fruits Collection

Rosie's Summer Fruits Collection
Love jam jars | A Round gift tag


Round gift tag

Love jam jars | B Bakers Twine


Bakers Twine

Love jam jars | C Green satin ribbon


Green satin ribbon

Love jam jars | D Oblong jar label


Oblong jar label

Love jam jars | E Green spot jar wrap


Green spot jar wrap

Love jam jars | F Jute string


Jute string

Love jam jars | G Red heart button


Red heart button

Love jam jars | H Red spot wrap


Red spot wrap

Love jam jars | I Red spot topper


Red spot topper

Love jam jars | J Raffia



Love jam jars | K White luggage tag


White luggage tag

Love jam jars | L Summer Fruits lid label


Summer Fruits lid label

Love jam jars | M Summer Fruits jar wraps


Summer Fruits jar wraps

Love jam jars | - Summer Fruits Dressing Up Box


Summer Fruits Dressing Up Box

Love jam jars | - Red Chevron Drinking Straws


Red Chevron Drinking Straws

Summer Fruits - you can almost touch them, feel the warmth of the sun as it ripens the best of the soft fruits - the currants, raspberries and
strawberries. Then the stone fruits starting with fuzzy-felt apricots, juicy nectarines and peaches followed by plums and greengages literally
bursting with flavour in the Summer heat.

Rosie's Summer Fruit Jarcessories has wraps, ribbons, labels and toppers. They work beautifully with buttons and raffias - layered, in twists
or on their own. Pick from the other ranges, the Red Spots or Red Hearts for instance, and mix and match. The designs look amazing with the
Mixed Fruit gift bag for Summer fetes and fairs.