Rosie's Naturals Collection

Rosie's Naturals Collection
Love jam jars | A Rose Fabric Wrap


Rose Fabric Wrap

Love jam jars | B Wooden Button


Wooden Button

Love jam jars | C Plain Linen Wrap


Plain Linen Wrap

Love jam jars | D Jute Wrap


Jute Wrap

Love jam jars | E Cream Raffia


Cream Raffia

Love jam jars | F Jar Netting Wrap


Jar Netting Wrap

Love jam jars | G Jumbo Wooden Buttons


Jumbo Wooden Buttons

Love jam jars | H Hessian Ribbon


Hessian Ribbon

Love jam jars | I Kraft Tags


Kraft Tags

What can you say about the neutral spectrum? Well here at Lovejars it's all about texture and shading. There is something very appealing about the roughness of string, the pattern of the weave in a slubby linen or the way knit-one-purl-one can create such intricate designs.

Layer up the neutral elements with an accent colour from the Jarcessorise buttons or raffias, mix and match across the ranges. Each of your jars of preserves becomes a work of art in it's own right and there will never be two the same.