Electric Dehydrator 9 Trays @ 33x30cm

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Rosie Says
I wish I had one of these - I bought mine from China years ago from eBay. It has been brilliant but I would have preferred the reassurance of a quality brand. I make sliced fruits, dry mushrooms in slices and then store some as powder, fruit leathers are amazing - dried citrus fruits - I love it!
9 tray Dehydrator which in our opinion is an essential piece of equipment for the serious preserver. This model is ideal if you are adding to your range of products as an artisan, or preserving to provide your family with the largest possible variety of safe, healthy food choices.

The drying surface area is over nine 33x30cm wire mesh trays providing maximum efficiency and this unit has a max drying time of 20 hours which is more than enough for even the most demanding ingredient.

If you have bulky items suchs as halved apricots or plums just leave out one or more of the trays to accomodate.

Manufactured in Germany

Digital display and countdown timer


450 mm
170 mm
410 mm
350 mm


240 Volts
600-700 Watts
35 - 70 C

Dimensions are nominal and may be subject change by the manufacturers without notice. Capacity conversions are based on Jam.


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