Artisan Corner

Confused? Tired? Irritable? You must be a new artisan producer!!

Chances are you are in a bit of a whirlwind not knowing what to choose, what works, what doesn't.

We have been in this world for a long time and have created this area of the website just for you. To save you time, to help you not to make routine mistakes, and to save you money.

So come on in and see what there is - we would love feedback on what's on offer and what else you would like to see.
Glass Jam Jars
Every style of glass jar you can imagine - and some you can't! Large range of sizes through round, hexagonal, decorative and preserving
Glass Bottles
Glass Bottles, every size, shape and seal. Round, square, hexagonal for oils, cordials, sauces, and vinegars
Jam Jar Lids
Lots of colours and sizes of metal twist off jam jar lids with integral rubber seal. Acid and vinegar proof. Button lids also available in 063 size
Tamper Evident Sealing Strips
Provides a tamper evident seal for commercial products in packs of 1400 self adhesive strips 70x10mm
Refractometer Brix 0-80
It is a legal requirement that all producers - irrespective of the size of the business - declare the sugar content of jams on the label. This is measured by the use of a refractometer.
Stainless Steel Maslin Pans
Stainless steel maslin preserving pan with heavy duty encapsulated base. Brimful capacity 9 litres and suitable for all hobs except induction.
Jam Jar Funnel Red Silicone
Flexible silicone jam jar funnel that is an essential piece of kit for the jam maker. It will fit jars from a lid size of 53mm and has a generous bowl capacity. It doesn't transmit heat like metal ones do
Canning and Preserving Jars
Le Parfait - a name with a history of quality, made for the preserving and canning and still manufactured in France, just as they always have been. Plus additional jars from France to cover the smaller end of range. Beware cheaper, thinner, non food grade jars on the market, only good for dry goods storage.

Ball Mason jars are the defacto canning jar from America and ideal for preserving and canning.

Quattro Stagioni a stylish range suitable for preserves and waterbathing.
Need Help? Ask Rosie.
If you have questions you would like to ask, need advice over making something or just like to check up on the regulations why not book some on-line discussion time direct with Rosie.
Join the Jam Guild
The Guild of Jam and Preserve Makers has been incorporated as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

Guild Membership is open to industry, artisan and home producers, either as corporate or individual membership
Self Adhesive Jar Labels
Plain white labels so you can print your own designs
Jelly Bag
It's difficult to make jellies without this piece of equipment. Made of nylon and generously sized, the jelly bag has four hanging loops.
Spice Bags
These bags are great for infusing spices in chutneys and pickles. They have a drawstring top so can be emptied and used again. Saves all that tying up of muslin with string and stuff.
Wooden Utensils
We have had some brilliant wooden items made for us with jam makers in mind - check out our extra-long jam spoon for instance. They are well priced, sourced from sustainable forests and made in Europe.
Artisan Corner