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Jam and Preserving Recipes

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Ingredients > Sugar, White granulated

How to make Herb Jellies

Herb Jellies

Make single variety or a mix - all are delicious, versatile, and capture the essence of early Summer
How to make Redcurrant Jelly

Redcurrant Jelly

With it's beautiful garnet colour, Redcurrant Jellyis the tradional partner for roast lamb, but makes a great glaze for fruit tartlets as well
How to make Seville Orange & Cracked Black Pepper Jelly

Seville Orange & Cracked Black Pepper Jelly

What a marriage made in heaven - bitter oranges and deep, dark pepper, magical
How to make Spiced Elderberry Jelly

Spiced Elderberry Jelly

This is a very special jelly - the only accompaniament for venison at Christmas
How to make Piccalilli


A traditional recipe, a fantastic flavour - just like Granny used to make
How to make Apple, Sage and Cider Sauce

Apple, Sage and Cider Sauce

This sauce is absolutely delicious - make some!
How to make Butterscotch Sauce

Butterscotch Sauce

This easy sauce is simply delicious and a must-have for family parties
How to make Candied Peel

Candied Peel

Easy to make, appears fiddly but takes only a few minutes each day
How to make Cranberry Relish

Cranberry Relish

This has a well rounded fruity flavour - nothing acidic about it
How to make Lemon or Lime Cordial

Lemon or Lime Cordial

So easy to make, citrus cordials are absolutely unlike anything commercially produced
How to make Chilli Jam

Chilli Jam

Make this as hot as you like and then use it on things and in things!
How to make Rhubarb & Raspberry Jam

Rhubarb & Raspberry Jam

A delightfully fresh Spring jam to make, especially if you have some raspberries left in the freezer
How to make Strawberry & Gooseberry Jam

Strawberry & Gooseberry Jam

A tasty recipe using the first fruits of the Summer
How to make Elderflower Champagne

Elderflower Champagne

You want your party to go with a bang?!
How to make Salad Cream

Salad Cream

Old fashioned it may be but I think it's delicious!
How to make Plum and Cinnamon Cordial

Plum and Cinnamon Cordial

A delicious Autumnal cordial - try it hot as a hot toddy!
How to make Fruit Cordials

Fruit Cordials

Fruit cordials are really easy to make and you will never go back to shop bought again - great for children or grandchildren - they love them!
How to make Limoncello


A country square in Italy, hot sunshine, a breeze through the trees, well, almost
How to make Sloe Gin

Sloe Gin

Don't waste the gin sodden sloes - remove the stones, chop and mix with dark melted chocolate for some unusual after dinner sweetmeats
How to make Blackberry & Apple Jam

Blackberry & Apple Jam

I went blackberrying as a child, I took my children, and now my grandchildren - the definition of a timeless classic
How to make Blackcurrant Jam

Blackcurrant Jam

Dark and glossy, full of flavour, one of the first Summer jams
How to make Gooseberry Jam

Gooseberry Jam

'Topping and Tailing' gooseberries - one of my first cooking jobs as a child - happy days
How to make Plum Jam

Plum Jam

Lovely plums, evocative of the end of the Summer holidays, and back to school in my mind - looking forward to Christmas
How to make Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

The freshest taste of raspberries ever, a beautiful Summer jam
How to make Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

The jam of garden parties and tennis matches - delicious!
How to make Summer Berry Jam

Summer Berry Jam

Summer Pudding in a jar - none better
How to make Damson Cheese

Damson Cheese

Quintessentially English, a late Summer classic, incomparable flavour to enjoy with cheese
How to make Courgette and Mint Chutney

Courgette and Mint Chutney

A delicious light, summery chutney - great to make if you have a glut of courgettes
How to make Greengage Jam

Greengage Jam

This is possibly my absolute favourite jam, but not often seen these days
How to make Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower Cordial

Light and refreshing, the classic flavour of Summer - barbeques, tennis parties, Summer weddings - make plenty
How to make Ratatouille Chutney

Ratatouille Chutney

A delicious summery chutney perfect stirred through plain pasta for an easy supper